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The Laughter Connection 
As a comedian, René Hicks never performed—she believed. Believed with a message of unity she could use her comedy to initiate a positive change in people's lives.  By addressing societal ills through humor, she was very successful in providing quality entertainment that was not only hilarious, but contained a message that something as simple as laughter could assist in crossing social and cultural barriers.  "Sharing laughter is beneficial to the individual participants and helps facilitate in leading to an overall healthier and well adjusted society."  She witnessed her efforts being rewarded by seeing diverse audiences around the world being unified by laughter.  René often had been tremendously gratified by revelations from audience members, who had suffered mental, emotional or physical abuse, that her inducements of laughter had given them hope and a feeling of empowerment.  This was further proof to her that indeed laughter could strengthen even the most vulnerable spirit.

René was further motivated by the recognition that her God-given gift for creating laughter was instrumental in enabling her to overcome her encounter with lung cancer and also help family and friends in dealing with such an unexpected and uncertain situation.  It was a profound display of the enormous power of humor.  René sees herself as having a purpose to combine her awesome comedic talent and her dynamic speaking ability, with her insightful personal journey to become a living testament to the effectiveness of laughter--extolling the benefits of humor as a healing, coping, life enhancement and enrichment tool.  Now it is René’s passion through her laughter-based presentations, to be a beacon for others.  Convincing them, "humor can be implemented as an aid in overcoming obstacles and coping with upheavals that everyone is bound to face in the course of a lifetime.  Whether those obstacles and upheavals are of a life threatening nature or just life impeding, if you can find humor in a difficult situation, you’re well on your way to finding a solution.”  She says she now doesn’t categorize herself as a comedian or an inspirational speaker, but as a “Laughter Advocate”—on a mission.


René is a unique composite: daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, former accountant, political activist, award-winning comedian, cancer survivor, smoke-free advocate, and humor healer.  Her varied background has given Rene her truest gift--being able to appropriately combine entertaining humor with important and sometimes "sensitive" issues, infusing them with a positive and unifying message.  She honed this gift with her comedy and has perfected it with her humor presentations.  This is especially valuable when she is requested to tailor her presentation to a specific topic, group or event.  When called upon by groups to address multicultural/diversity issues, René creates harmony and understanding using her equation, “Diversity + Laughter = Unity”.  Regarding female empowerment and positive body image, she advocates, “The Laugh Your Butt Off Diet & Weight Loss Program”.  In lending support to victims of mental/physical abuse and\or assault, she provides strength in, “Where There Is Laughter—There Is Hope”.  Connecting to common health issues different cultures share, she reaches Native American audiences with, “That’s Not Your Forefather’s Scared Tobacco”.

Whether your group or organization needs a message delivered through humor or a comedy show that also can deliver a message, it is hard to find very many individuals who are capable of satisfying either need with such a high level of energy, enthusiasm and professionalism.  You will find just that person when you invite René Hicks into your life.

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